Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Spring Songs Project

I think everyone's parents have at least one special thing that they do, a magic trick, a funny voice, etc. Like my mom. She could make her fingers dance and do an impeccable "You must pay the rent" routine, but maybe best of all was when she let her hands fly up and down the keyboard to play The Rustle Of Spring. I could never get enough of this over the top piece of piano fluff, which I later learned was by the Norwegian composer Christian Sinding.

In honor of that experience, and of the first day of spring, I am launching The Spring Songs Project. Consisting of a collaborative playlist and a Facebook event, this project will give anyone who joins an opportunity to share a favorite spring song or two by adding it  to the list or posting it on the Facebook page. The playlist will be open until April 2nd and at that time we should have an impressive and wide-ranging collection of songs celebrating this most verdant of seasons. 

Join the Facebook event here:

I seeded the playlist with a few songs that feel like spring to me - and it's already tripled in size. Come be a part of it! 

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